Household Castille Soap Block Original


Castile Soap is an ancient soap that uses just a few ingredients to make a pure, hard soap bar that gets better as it ages. It is said to be the best natural and earth friendly soap as it is 100% biodegradable as well as having a myriad of uses. 

Our soap is made in the traditional cold process method, mixed by hand in our farmhouse and left to cure for over 6 weeks. Our soap is palm oil free, vegan, and zero waste. 

Uses - Slice a small slice off and add it to a spray bottle filled with water for a general purpose household cleaner. Use as a substitute for dish soap by rubbing your cloth or brush directly onto the soap and then your dishes, before rinsing. Grate for laundry powder, and rub directly onto stains for a spot cleaner. Use in place of detergent for washing floors. These are only a few examples of this wonderful zero waste product!

Now also has the option of coming with a Beech Palm Brush! This solid wood handled brush has Coconut fibre bristles which are perfect for daily use washing pots and pans, or in the wash room. 

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Lye, Salt.

Approx 300g

This soap is a natural product that contains no additives or hardening agents. To prolong the life of your soap and keep it firm, keep dry in between use and always stand on a soap dish, rack, or propped up on pebbles in a container.

Please note that each bar is hand cut so size and shape may differ.