'Candlemaking on a Tipperary Farm'

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"She stirs and mixes, and as she pours the candles into their jars, a rich lavender aroma wafts up. Kirsten explains how, much like the process itself, the selection of scents are simple and clean. “I wanted them to be reminiscent of times gone by, as well as reflective of life on the farm, such as sweet pea, plum, rhubarb, and lavender.” 

Handcrafted in Rural Tipperary

At Tinnock Farm, we believe in all things simple.  Our candles and soap are hand-poured in small batches on our kitchen table in our farmhouse overlooking mountains and forest in Tipperary. Our candles use all natural soy wax with no dyes or additives, and high quality fragrance and essential oils. Our  cold process soaps contain pure, nourishing oils and left to cure for 6 weeks. Our products are evocative of times gone by, simple pleasures and seasonal goods. We champion local crafts and craftspeople, and can find collaborations in our shop.